Sofia Vergara Was Seen In A Swimsuit While Enjoying Time In The Pool

Sofia was trying to take on Red Bull in pool white while maintaining her look in a swimsuit. Undoubtedly, every season has been defined as the best season of fashion. And it follows the most in the case of some celebrities who know how to maintain their looks with the seasons.

Models accentuate their bodies in Swimsuits or Bikinis

Since it is summer we can expect nothing but a beautiful look in the water. Where actresses or models adorn their bodies in swimsuits or bikinis. More recently we saw some celebrities enjoying that time in the beach or swimming pool. Among them was actress Sofia Vergara.

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Actress Sofia Vergara enjoying in the pool in a swimsuit

Recently, actress Sofia Vergara was seen enjoying in the pool in a swimsuit. The actress has uploaded a very funny video of the time when she enjoyed Independence Day. In the video, we can see how a 49-year-old actress was falling in the pool with a sizzling swimsuit.

Sofia Vergara was seen in a white swimsuit

The actress was wearing a white swimsuit and her hair was soaked in water. In the video, we can see that Sofia Vergara was trying her best to climb the red bull-shaped water tube. The actress was trying her best to climb the bull but she kept falling from it again and again.

The summer of July 4 is written in the caption

The actress has just written the summer of July 4 in the caption. In response to this video, many fans have commented saying that she was looking very hot in that white swimsuit. While others also said that the actress was having a good time and appreciated her overall looks.

The actress was seen shooting for her next project

The actress is known for playing several characters in varieties of television shows and movies. Just a few months back, the actress was seen shooting for her next project. As for her recent roles where she went into a great physical transformation compared to being said as the cocaine godmother. This is the project that will be coming to Netflix very soon.

The actress uploaded a picture on Instagram

It was recently when the actress uploaded a picture on Instagram in which she was looking forward to enjoying her days at the pool again. This time the actress was wearing oversize pants with a red top. This time also she is trying to climb the water tube made in the shape of a jet. This time the actress made it and shared it on her Instagram.

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