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So Far More Than 100 People Have Died Due To Storm In 5 States Of America

The storm has wreaked havoc in many areas, including Mayfield in the US state of Kentucky. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshir has declared a state of emergency. 70 people are feared to die in the US state of Kentucky due to cyclones. The death toll may cross 100.

So far more than 100 people have died due to storm in 5 states of America

At least 5 states of America came together on Friday-Saturday night. Due to the joining of many cyclones, there has been huge devastation. There are reports of 100 people killed in the state of Kentucky itself. Many people are still buried under the rubble.

The most devastation caused by the storm was in Mayfield.

Which is considered to be the ground zero of all cyclones. 18 killed in a candle factory collapse in Mayfield. An Amazon company warehouse has collapsed in the state of Illinois. Around 100 workers have been buried under the debris.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dean Fleiner said

In Tennessee, two tornadoes have occurred in Lake County, in the state’s northwest region. While the death of one person has been reported in neighboring Obion County. Fleiner said the Tennessee Department of Health had confirmed the deaths. However, no other details were released immediately.

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An official told ‘KTVI-TV’. More than 100 people working in night shifts are feared to be there when the building collapsed. The roof collapsed when a strong thunderstorm, and possibly a tornado, passed through the St. Louis area. Winds of up to 70 mph are reported in parts of St. Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri. At least three residents of St. Charles County were hospitalized. Several homes were damaged in the area near Augusta, Missouri.

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