SKIM-CREDIBLE I Spent $500 To Buy Each Best Selling Skim Product

SKIMS has been making the rounds on social media, offering Instagram influencers amazing loungewear looks and swimsuits, for bikini flicks. In case you’re wondering what some of these highly iconic pieces really are. So YouTuber Sarai Jones has you covered. The Skims fan said the Fits Everyone Micro Thong is the perfect thong for leggings.

Jones uploaded to his 3.5 million subscribers

I’m so excited to try her in because I feel like everyone online is raving about her stuff. And I haven’t tried her new stuff,” Jones uploaded to her 3.5 million subscribers. She said in a YouTube video. I won’t hold back, I’ll be brutally honest. The first outfit Jones tried was 88 Dollar had a soft lounge long sleeve dress in ‘Oxide’ color. This color is so beautiful, I love it. The fabric feels so soft. I’m just hoping it makes me happy,” she added Said about what he had bought in a smaller size.

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On trying on the dress, she said?

On trying on the dress, she said: “It’s a size smaller, and I thought it would carry me with more. It certainly doesn’t embrace everything. I think I want mine.” The stomach should be stripped more. But this material is so comfortable. It is such a comfortable material and it doesn’t feel like it if I wear it on a hot summer day. So this will make me sweat. Jones said the top part of the dress was without any bras that are super see-through, so buyers will have to wear something underneath.

Fashion Enthusiasts Felt

She also felt that the dress did nothing for her stomach – a major area of ​​insecurity. The fashion enthusiast felt that if it stripped her more of her midsection. So the cost of the dress would be $88. Next, Jones tried on a cotton rib tank for $34, both in the color ‘Bone’ with a matching cotton rib boxer for $32. He achieved top in small and bottom in medium. I feel like this is the basic Instagram girl loungewear outfit,” she said of the item.

Speaking of tank tops, she said?

Speaking about the tank top, she said: “Well, it’s actually really comfortable. And I must say I’m not wearing a bra. Like it’s totally supporting the girls here and me with it.” Is.” No need to wear bra. Sold out.” The next item that Jones reviewed was the Fits Everyone Micro Thong in a medium ‘Nectarine’ color for $14. I’m not sure it fits every part of the body. Because it sure does It doesn’t fit every body. I love looking at it. And that’s how I am,” she said.

Reminds me of a viral photo of Kendall

“It reminds me of a viral photo of Kendall,” she said, noting that it was probably what Kendall wore in a popular social media picture. After trying Patti off-camera, Jones delivered the final verdict. I must say that everything fits. I think this is the perfect thong for leggings because you won’t see any panty lines or anything. They are very comfortable. They show a lot in the back.” Fully satisfied, she decided to buy a few more pairs of thongs in the original colors.

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