Six Things We Learned From Phoebe Bridgers living In Glasgow Barrowland

Phoebe Bridgers’ long-awaited debut UK tour kicked off with two nights at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowlands, and although there was a slightly disappointing lack of a boyfriend and Normal People star Paul Mescal in the audience, nothing more.

Bridgers Fans Aren’t Dedicated So Are Nothing

The queue for the concert started around 10 am. The doors were at 7 pm. There’s no denying that people were desperate for a good outlook, and who could blame them? Bridgers’ outfit, a bright white two-piece embroidered with beads on the shape of a ribcage, was certainly worth a closer look. It even had a little bow tie as the final piece de résistance.

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A lot of fans aren’t keen on partner’s moms

In the ICU song, the line: ‘I hate your mom’ was taken too personally by the crowd. It seems like enough people have dated men with Karen-Esque moms because it’s now considered a fairly universal experience. Last night to all the girls who had someone in their minds shouting that line – stay strong. There are only so many Christmases and birthdays that you have to endure.

Phoebe Really Is For Everyone

While there were certainly as many floral dresses as you’d expect, few were as fun outside-the-box fans as possible. I saw a group of young people who must have been at home at a Metallica concert after Savior Complex and tears welling up, and a father who was upfront who knew every word of the Punisher. I think he was one of the starting lines.

Glasgow’s crowd is perfect for bringing artists back to live shows after a long lay-off

After two years of living inside and being intimidated by crowded places, it’s easy to forget how sublime it can be to live in a room full of people singing together. Glasgow is famous for the crowds that go all in, and this one was no exception. Every song mixed with excitement, tears, screams, and crowds so loud it was sometimes hard to hear Phoebe’s voice. Despite the sometimes depressing nature of the songs, everyone seemed to be having fun the whole time. Bridgers said that the crowd laughed at him during a slow number because, “People usually wave softly for a song that’s a little slow, but you guys were going super fast — it just me. Mara, I was laughing in my head”.

Screaming is a wonderful experience

If you give people an excuse to shout loudly with no consequence, they scream. During the outro of I Know the End, famous for its chaos and Bridgers screaming to see the album, I expected people to go for it. I did not expect that over the past decade more than 2,000 people have let out all their suppressed anger. Satan himself must have been a little startled by the noise emanating from that room.

It’s Always Better

Bridgers’ critics often argue that she indulges in sadness, common forms of depression, alcoholism, and toxic relationships in her music, she spoke with the crowd about how writing about these things after the fact prevented her. It helps to deal with, “I wore pajamas for a year, in a cute way,” she explained during a monologue before the funeral. In the end, the final and most important takeaway from the concert came from Bridgers herself: “I never Nothing ever ends, but, it gets better, that’s what I’m saying.”

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