Sir Paul McCartney Drives Fans Crazy After 800 Person Glastonbury Warm-Up Gig

Sir Paul McCartney performs to an intimate 800-person audience in Frome, Somerset on Friday (24 June) before his headline show at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Festival’s oldest solo headliners

The gig sold out at the Cheese & Cereal entertainment venue within an hour of tickets being release 24 hours before the show. McCartney will become Glastonbury Festival’s oldest solo headliner when he takes the stage this weekend. Which happens exactly a week after his 80th birthday.

A crew waiting to catch a glimpse of the former Beatle

The lucky few who managed to get the ranks lined up behind the odds. While a group of missed locals waited in hopes of catching a glimpse of the former Beetle.

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Will sign it after your show

Self-proclaimed superfan Jen Lamb holding a Beatles scrapbook. stood in front of the venue. Which he created at the age of eight in the hope that McCartney would come out and sign it after his show.

Frome’s 68-year-old said: “It’s one of four scrapbooks made between the ages of eight and 10. I hope if I don’t get to see him, at least I have this version of him. Me. Didn’t get a ticket. I was close.”

out after the gig to talk to fans

She said she hopes she comes out after the gig to talk to fans because she thinks he’s “that kind of guy” despite his success. Lamb recalled the last time he saw McCartney at an intimate concert in York in 1972. But he admitted that he did not ask for an autograph at that time. Because at the age of 18 she thought she was “too cool to ask such a thing”.

Playing at Cheese and Cereal before Glastonbury Headline Set

Lamb continued: “I think it’s amazing that he’s headlining Glastonbury at his age. I’ve heard people say his voice is gone. But I don’t think it’s gone.” McCartney is following in the footsteps of the Foo Fighters and Wolf Alice playing in cheese and cereal before their Glastonbury headline set.

Sarah McDonald was one of the lucky few who was on her way to the surprise performance with her family after being first in line for tickets. She added: “We’re excited to see him, we’ve been listening to Paul McCartney all day.”

Martin Moss and his grandchildren die after not getting tickets

Jackie and Martin Moss and their grandchildren were among the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the singer after they were denied tickets. The couple said they tried to get tickets after the tremors were announced on Thursday, but described scenes of the standoff in the city.

Co-organizer Emily Avis installed as a mentor

She said: “The roads were congested, the place was jammed. The police had to arrive because you had to come in person and get a ticket.” Jackie described the Cheese and Cereal venue as “too intimate” and “quite ordinary”. but noted that it seemed to drive big stars to install festival co-organizer Emily Avis as a patron.’

“Disappointed” Not Getting Tickets to Gig

Musician Robbie Desport also admitted that he was”disappointed” not to get tickets to the gig as he said that he has always been “largely inspired” by the Beatles. The 38-year-old father, who plays in the Sad Dad Club band, said: “We play some of his songs on our sets, we are all big fans but my dad is a big fan. I grew up listening to his music in my early years And I have given my youngest daughter the hope that this will continue.

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