Sir David Jason, 83, takes to the skies in his own Robinson R44 helicopter before touching down in Buckinghamshire after receiving his pilot’s license in 2005.

Sir David Jason seen taking to the skies in his Robinson R44 helicopter on Wednesday before touching down in Buckinghamshire.

David Jason

The Only Fools and Horses star, 83, certainly looked the part as he wore a Robinson helicopter hat and a Heliair black jacket. David, who became a qualified helicopter pilot in 2005, hired his co-pilot for the trip. Indulge in as well as cover your eyes with a pair of dark sunglasses. The four-seat aircraft is the world’s best-selling helicopter, costing £350,000, and is frequently used by the military and government as well as private individuals.

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His disastrous first flight in the Dale of a Life

The actor first set his sights on flying aged 28 and recounts his disastrous first flight test in his autobiography Day of a Life. In the book, he explained: ‘I managed to get lost and I asked by a farmer Had to go down to a field to ask for directions. Poor guy.’ He quite surprised to see a helicopter landing on his land and even more surprised to see Del Boy getting out of it.

David continued

‘I failed the test, needless to say, and by the next week the story of Bozo who lost his cross-country test all around the airfield.’ David continued: ‘Still, I finally passed. Done, and with the necessity, I now had to go to meetings and venues across the country, I managed to rationalize my mechanical pride and purchase to my little machine – a four-seater Robinson 44. Pleasure.’

David started his acting career

‘When I started flying, I discovered you don’t need an academic mind – all you need is determination and dedication.’ ‘I had pretty low self-esteem and it gave me the confidence to believe that I could do anything I set my mind to,’ he concluded.

David revealed

David revealed he ‘never’ would have thought he would be appearing in one of Britain’s highest-rated festival specials – especially after playing the goose in front of the cameras. The actor made his first TV appearance on 26 December 1965 when he played King Goose in the BBC production of Mother Goose. 31 years later on 26 December 1996, 24.3 million people saw him as Derek ‘Del Boy Trotter in Only Fools’ End Horses’ Christmas special, where he and Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) dressed up as Batman and Robin.

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