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Singapore Court Awarded Death Sentence To Indian Descent

Under Singapore law, there is a provision of the death penalty for getting more than 15 grams of heroin. The High Court had convicted the man last Wednesday.

Indian-origin man sentenced to death

A Singapore court has sentenced a 39-year-old Indian-origin man from Malaysia to death for smuggling narcotics. A few days before this, another 33-year-old Bharatvansh Nagendran from Malaysia. Dharmalingam lost the appeal against the death penalty in the drug smuggling case. The execution of his sentence was stopped for a few days due to being found infected with the coronavirus.

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6.3 kg granular drugs were found from the man

The High Court of Singapore convicted cleaning supervisor Munusamy Ramamurat last Wednesday. According to reports, he was caught with a bag of drugs in a motorcycle parked along Harbourfront Avenue. 6.3 kg of granular drugs were found from him. After investigation, information of 57.54 grams of heroin was found in it.

All the arguments of the accused rejected

Justice Audrey Lim’s order was issued on Monday. In which the reasons for the punishment have been mentioned. The judge did not believe the contention of the accused that he felt that the bag contained stolen mobile phones. The judge also rejected his claim. He had allowed another person to keep the bag in the rear box of his motorcycle so that someone else could pick it up later.

The judge said that the investigating officer did not discriminate in Munusamy’s case. But it cannot be said that this may not have happened in other cases. Munusamy, who had worked in Singapore for 14 years, was arrested on 26 January 2018.

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