Sidney Sweeney Reflects On Whether She Feels Typecast After Euphoria

Sidney Sweeney discusses typecast after starring as Cassie in HBO’s hit series, “Euphoria.

The 24-year-old actor on euphoria with The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday

Sidney Sweeney recently discussed playing a “sexual character” with her role as Cassie in HBO’s Euphoria and whether she felt pigeonholed into similar roles as a result of the praise she received for the performance. The 24-year-old actor sat down with The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday to talk about Euphoria as well as how his career took off.

Viewers see the characters he plays as completely different people.

“Cassie is a sexist character, and she became a mold that was then [forced] on me as a human being instead of just Cassie,” she explained. “I was seeing people saying, ‘Oh, he only got it because he showed his boobs.’ I had several shows and movies before I did Euphoria. I look very different in everything I do because I personally want to be the character, and I don’t want people to associate Sydney Sweeney with a character – I want them to feel complete as if they are experiencing another world and another person.

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Sweeney cited several other roles in her career

“People weren’t tied to that. A few months ago, I did Handmaid’s Tale, or that, I was all freaked out. And a month before that I did Sharp Objects and that’s when people started putting it together and then saw White Lotus, I think it changed that for everyone. You see some of these incredible male actors who get to play the best, most diverse characters, and people are just like, ‘Oh, cool’. No one ever puts any kind of stigma behind it.”

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