Shortly Before The Finals In The Challenge All Stars 3 Kaila Casillas Cheated On Nia Moore

Shortly before the finals in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Kaila Casillas cheated on Nia Moore, who later upset her. After the episode, many fans took Kailash’s side and did not like how he handled the situation.

All-Stars 3 Episodes During The Challenge

During Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 9, the remaining players face one last challenge before starting the finals. Where the losers will suffer. Other fans did not like how Kaila behaved when Nia confronted her, with someone else claiming that the production was generally “unless explicitly mentioned”. Allows cheating and would have reshuffled the boards if they wanted to stop it.

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came down to nia moore and kaila casillas

It came down to Nia Moore and Cala Casillas, and the latter copied north, eventually winning. Nia is irritated that Kaila cheated on her, and she confronts the Florida native. However, Kaila insists that she did not deceive intentionally, only “wandering” her eyes. Real World: The Portland alum didn’t buy her excuse.

Episode after episode, viewers debate

Episode after episode, viewers debate who was wrong with Reddit’s situation. One person admitted that Kailash “cheated 100%” but took note. It doesn’t matter because they are in a competition. He continued and pointed out that players regularly cheat by looking at their opponent’s board. This is why they mess up their answers after they finish.

Didn’t appreciate that after the Real World alum left

The user also seems to think that Kaila is being called out for this, as she is the “villain” of the season. There is also a reaction to how the 29-year-old thinks about the situation. Because many viewers find it “disappointing” that he denied it and pretended not to know. Additionally, others did not appreciate how Kaila “acted like Nia” after the Real World alum left her friend.

As the season progresses, the battle for the finalists of Exes 2 said?

However, as the season progressed, Exes 2’s finalist fight said she became “uncomfortable” with Caila and Silva’s “mean girl, unwanted conversation, and side comments.” Additionally, Nia felt the women tried to make rivals Kellyanne Judd and Kendall Shepard Darnell feel unwanted. and attempted to “make partitions” between his rooms. Challenge: All-Stars airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

Kaila deliberately used the moment to get under Nia’s skin

Others believe that Kaila intentionally used the moment to get under Nia’s skin. Because she knew that if he “played dumb and refused to admit it. It would upset the 33-year-old, believing the Florida native to “gaslighted” Nia. One person thinks Kaila did in the edit. Tried to portray Nia as a “serious loser”. Some believe that Nia is justified in her anger about the cheating and to “maintain herself” on the reality TV star. Proud to.

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