Shocking Optical Illusion Depicts Four Women

Optical illusions are tricky at the best of times, but this special from Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak has completely mesmerized a lot of people.

Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak

A shocking optical illusion has left many people scratching their heads, with only two percent able to crack it. The drawing, created by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak, shows four women – or at least less it should be.

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As reported by Daily Star

Only two percent of the population is able to successfully find them all, leaving most of us completely bewildered. As the Daily Star reports, the picture features a woman with thick, wavy hair and a beautiful flowing dress smiling at her is visible.

The other can be seen looking at the woman’s hand near the cheek.

Finding the third lady requires a more careful glance, but you’ll see the little lady on the right arm of the main lady when you look at her. To see the third lady you need to look at the side profile, which is why That’s a bit difficult to detect at first, but you can see the nose pointing to the left of the drawing.

The fourth and final woman should be easy to see now.

You’ll notice that the first lady has a pair of lips on her stomach and the entire image is that of a woman. On Oleg’s website, he said he photographed a “symbolic composition” to “improve a popular subject” of optical illusions.

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