Shehnaz Gill Used To Recognize Siddharth Shukla Even With Closed Eyes

Shehnaaz Gill’s friendship with Siddharth Shukla happened during Bigg Boss 13. This friendship was very special for both of them. Shahnaz shared his fillings many times during the show. She was even ready to marry the actor.

Siddharth Had Reached The Stage For Shahnaz

There was a lot of love between Siddharth and Shahnaz. During the show, both seen supporting each other. After the death of the actor, a video is going viral, which is after the end of Bigg Boss. This video is from the TV show ‘Mujhe Shaadi Karoge’, in which Shahnaz came to find a groom for herself. Siddharth Shukla reached the stage during the premiere of the show supporting Shahnaz.

When Shahnaz Identified Siddharth With His Nails

In the video you can see Shahnaz’s eyes closed and Maniesh Paul asks him to touch the boys and know their personality, as soon as Shahnaz reaches Siddharth. She says, this body is giving a feeling like Siddharth Shukla. But as soon as Sana sees Sid, she jumps with joy and hugs him lovingly.

Shehnaaz Was Supported By Siddharth In Mumbai

Let me tell you, in Mumbai, Shehnaz knew only Siddharth and she used to spend most of the time with the actor. Both very active on social media and used to share videos of their fun. It can be guessed from this that how big a shock Shahnaz must have been to Siddharth’s death.

When The News Of The Affair Of Both Of Them Spread

After coming out of Bigg Boss, the news of Shahnaz and Siddharth’s affair had gained momentum. But both of them never spoke openly about their relationship. Karan Johar also tried several times in Bigg Boss OTT to get this pair out of the mouth that there is something between them, but both of them repeatedly called each other as friends.

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