Shefali And Parag Started Doing Bedroom Activities At The Airport Itself

Recently a star couple was spotted at the Mumbai airport. He started acting in front of the camera in such a way that his video started becoming increasingly viral.

Shefali and Parag did such an act at the airport

Stars often get spotted at Mumbai airport. Whose pictures become very viral on social media. Recently, a star couple also appeared at the airport, but in front of the camera, the couple started acting in such a way that people started abusing them. This video is becoming increasingly viral.

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Shefali and Parag’s kiss

Recently, Shefali Jariwala was seen with her husband Parag Tyagi at the Mumbai airport. Parag had come to drop Shefali at the airport. Looking at the video, it seems that he did not want to let them go. Both started kissing each other in front of the camera and started doing it again and again. This video started going viral as soon as it came on social media.

This song got popularity

Shefali came into the limelight overnight with the song ‘Kanta Laga’ in the year 2002. But then she suddenly disappeared. Recently, Shefali Jariwala told about the secret of her life that no one knew about. Shefali said, ‘I started having epileptic seizures from the age of 15. At that time there was pressure on me to do well in my studies. This happened to me because of stress and anxiety. I used to have seizures in the classroom, backstage, and sometimes even on the road.

Shefali had this serious illness

Talking about this serious illness, Shefali said that ‘After the thorn, I did not work for a long time because I did not know when the next attack would happen. This went on for 15 years with me. Shefali Jariwala said that ‘I have been 9 years old but did not have seizures. This is because I have come out of a panic attack, depression due to strong support.

Shefali had said this thing

Let us tell you what Shefali Jariwala had to say. When she herself became financially strong, she got a chance to feel free. In the year 2009, he chose to part ways with Harmeet. Shefali remarried. In the year 2014, he took seven rounds with Parag Tyagi. The two met at a dinner party through a common friend.

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