Shaun Ryder Is on More Bullets Now Than In His Heyday

Happy Monday Shawn Ryder said he has an ‘underactive thyroid’ and now has to take pills. The musician has been open about his health struggles

Happy Monday Shaun Ryder reveals

He is taking ‘more pills now’ than in his heyday as he provided a health update. The star, who appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox, said he ‘doesn’t have thyroid’ and has to take pills.

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The singer told the Daily Star

Made sure to stay positive and joked that he is now taking more pills than he used to amusingly. The singer told the Daily Star: “It’s because I don’t have a thyroid, mine was underactive which Makes you fat and bald, but once that happens everything starts to deteriorate and you have to take a lot of pills.

told the Daily Star

I no longer produce testosterone so I am on more pills now than in 1988. The singer has had several health issues over the years, with Sean previously revealing he discovered non-cancerous cysts in his testicles Was.

At that time it was the Covid-19 lockdown and she underwent surgery to remove the benign cyst.

Speaking to The Sun, Sean said: “I had one, now I have two f**ing, and they’re an absolute pain. I just keep taking pills and painkillers because they’re my b *Killing nerves in ks.

Elaborating more on his condition, he added

Sean has dealt with the severe pain caused by arthritis, as well as battling thyroid problems and having suffered panic attacks. Writing in his autobiography, he revealed that he suffered while working at his local Asda. A “line” of cocaine was also given.

offer a line

I still offer a line for the sake of the f*** to people who come to me at Asda or TK Maxx. ‘I’m almost 60, dude, and you really think I want to do a line at TK Max on Tuesday afternoon?’.

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