Shaktimaan Fame Actress Vaishnavi Mahant Aka Geeta Was Insulted At The Award Show

Vaishnavi, who became Geeta’s faith in Shaktimaan, has shared a video on social media. In this video, she is referring to the Mumbai Global Achievers Award. Vaishnavi has been a part and well-known face of the industry for many years. Sadly, even after so many years, the actress did not get the respect she deserves.

Insulted ‘Geeta Vishwas’ of ‘Shaktimaan’ by calling it to the award function

There is such a famous actress who recognized from house to house. She has gained immense fame as Geeta Vishwas of TV’s popular show ‘Shaktimaan’. When Vaishnavi worked with famous actor Mukesh Khanna in this serial, apart from the children, elders also used to stay in front of the TV waiting for them. Apart from this, the actress is known for her strong acting in many shows. Despite spending a long time in the entertainment world, if he is not called by his name on a special occasion, then what can be a bigger insult than this. Something similar happened with Vaishnavi too, whose pain has been expressed by the actress herself.

Vaishnavi insulted at Global Achievers Award function

By sharing a video on social media, Vaishnavi Mahant is telling the incident of humiliation with her sequentially. Actually, Vaishnavi called in the Global Achievers Award function held in Mumbai. Apart from TV, the actress, who works in many Hindi films for years, found it difficult to tolerate when she repeatedly called by the wrong name. Because of which he had to drink a sip of humiliation in this award function.

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Vaishnavi Mahant returned without award

Vaishnavi Mahant has told the incident of humiliation with him by sharing a video on Instagram. Vaishnavi is telling that ‘she called to present the Best Actress Forever award at the Mumbai Global Achievers Award 2021 function. I had arrived on time. When it came to giving me the award on stage, my name called along with Srishti Maheshwari. But he was calling my name Vandana Srivastava instead. I must have thought some veneration. But this worship not once or twice but three-four times, but no Vandana reached the stage.

refused to accept the award

Vaishnavi says that she was not hungry for awards. But if someone is getting respect, then we should be thankful for that. Thinking just this, she went to be a part of the event. When she was called on stage by the name of Vandana, she went there. But refused to take the organizer’s award. She says that when those people do not even know my name, then what will I do with the award. In this way, she came back from there without taking any award. Which was also right.

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