Seth MacFarlane Reflects On Reactions To Orville Moklan transgender Story In Season 3

Orville has tackled some difficult topics, and Seth MacFarlane discussed the reactions to a recent transgender story.

The Heartwarming Story in Two Seasons at Fox

Seth MacFarlane stuns everyone with The Orville. While many expected the series to follow in the footsteps of Family Guy and Ted, the show delivered heartfelt story, drama, and more subtle humor over two seasons at Fox before the company merged with Disney.

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Now the show is currently running its third season under the new title.

The Orville: New Horizons on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK. and broadcast to other regions. In the latest episode it returned to a transgender topic that had originally been dealt with in its first season, and producer MacFarlane reflected on the episode’s reaction to the episode, recently speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

MacFarlane often controversial about transgender acceptance

In the fifth episode of the show’s latest season, MacFarlane revisits Moklan culture to tackle the often controversial topic of transgender acceptance. In the series, the Moclans are an alien race who have changed their gender shortly after birth to change their gender to male.

Bortus and Clayden’s teenage girl, played by Coleman, tell them that she identifies as a woman and wants the surgery to reversed to become female again. After originally touching on this story back in the first season, MacFarlane explained how he felt it was time to come back again. he said:

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