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Serenade Launches New ARIA Chart-worthy Format

The eco-friendly music web3 marketplace, Serenade, has produced the first UK and Australian chart-worthy music format since the album Stream in 2015.

Digital Pressing to Limited Edition and Collectible Music Format

It is a stand-alone digital release – as opposed to a wider release “bundle” – designed to satisfy a superfan’s appetite for scarcity and exclusive content. Live on the blockchain and verifiable ownership and secondary markets A digital pressing will also earn accurate, permanent royalties for copyright holders and content owners, while offering Web3 capabilities such as the ability to trade on it.

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Warner UK after making an agreement with

The format debuted with Museum’s ninth studio album “Will of the People” on 26 August. Serenade has worked with the UK’s official chart company and ARIA in Australia to become the first chart-worthy NFT marketplace.

ARIA CEO Annabelle Hurd welcomed the new format.

“Congratulations to Serenade and Museum on the first release of many, and for promising to be a new and exciting way to go,” she said. One digital pressing sale is the equivalent of one album unit. To date, no NFT-based album has not produced two official charts.

Serenade founder Max Shand said digital pressing will be a game-changer.

“We would not have been able to achieve this without the support of the visionary teams at Warner Records, OCC and ARIA, who want to give all artists every opportunity to bring creativity and innovation to their campaigns,” he said. I’ve been a huge fan, so I’m excited to be the first artist to release a digital pressing with Serenade.”

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, Serenade will turn out to support and empower any artist campaign, from emerging talent to established icons and legends. Unlike vinyl production, which demands significant overheads and long lead times, there are no costs associated with creating digital pressings and the turnaround time can be less than two weeks.

A tweet in digital pressing

The equivalent of 1/10th has a lower carbon footprint (44,000x more efficient than the standard NFT release), and will be reclaimed for a fan-friendly £20 (equivalent to AU$34.90). Its launch in the first half of 2021 Since inception, Serenade has worked with a variety of artists, from emerging independents to household names including Young MA, The Kooks, Jungle, Super Furry Animals and Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes.

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