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Seeing The Power Of This Woman Even Men Will Be Ashamed

A woman named Lynsey Lindbergh has proved it. The beauty of women lies not in their being fragile but also in being physically strong.

the woman did such a feat

Lindbergh, popularly known as Mama Lou, crushes 10 apples in a minute by placing them between her biceps. Due to this feat, his name was also recorded in the Guinness World Records. Earlier, he had done the same feat in the year 2014 on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy.

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Crush 10 Apples in a Minute to Your Bicep

To register this unique record, Lynsey Lindbergh took a minute and crushed 10 apples in a row with her bicep. The World Records team was also present to record the charisma of the woman.

Written by Guinness World Records of Mama Lou

In the attached video clip, Linsey was seen crushing apples one after the other with her arms. Written by Guinness World Records – Linsey Lindbergh aka Mama Lou created a record by crushing 10 apples with biceps in under a minute.

Thousands of people encouraged him on this feat of his. Hundreds of people commented on this post and congratulated him on his achievement.

Born in Kansas, United States, Linsey is physically very strong. Earlier, she has also made a record of tearing 5 decks of cards within 1 minute.

Lynsey preparing to equal men’s record

Even at this time, Linsey is preparing to match the men’s record. She wants that soon she should have the record of tearing the most deck cards in 1 minute, which will be difficult for anyone to match.

His world record post has gone viral and many people have commented that he wants to be like him and get the confidence to be powerful in life.

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