Scream VI Brilliant Opening Scene Asks a Simple and Shocking Question

Drew Barrymore and His Popcorn set the standard ‘Scream’ sequels have been following ever since. Scream VI’s opener comes close to this. Make a list of the most iconic and influential horror scenes of all time, and it’s going to be hard not to include the opening sequence of the original Scream. As Drew Barrymore pops some popcorn and prepares to settle in for a night of watching scary movies, she gets a phone call from a mysterious stranger whose off-putting voice will soon become all too familiar to fans of the genre.

Steve gets on the end of Ghostface’s knife

They talk about horror movies. “What’s your favorite scary movie?” – establishing the self-referential tone that would go on to define the franchise. And then, director Wes Craven escalates the tension to unimaginable levels. The stakes are constantly raised until Barrymore’s character, Casey finds herself and her boyfriend, Steve, the first ones to be on the receiving end of Ghostface’s knife.

The beginning of every ‘Scream’ tries to match the original

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(That movie’s movie theater opening is iconic in its own way.) Scream 4 had fun spoofing the original opening with a bunch of movie-within-a-movie fake-outs. Scream (2022) is essentially a remake of the original Barrymore sequence with Jenna Ortega, re-introducing Scream for a new generation. But it’s honestly probably the opening of Scream VI, a pre-title sequence that doesn’t subvert expectations that much.

takes pride in highlighting the “rules”

It shatters them, which is the closest they come to lightning striking a bottle. The opening of Scream VI is not only the best scene in the film; It’s one of the best scenes in the entire franchise and proof that, even in a franchise that prides itself on highlighting the “rules” of the genre, sometimes breaking them is the best thing one can do. Film can.

good things don’t happen to those young ladies

Ghostface, surprisingly on the other end, isn’t the voice of Roger L. Jackson anymore, but a fairly innocent-looking young man. And if you take a look at the Scream VI cast list and any of the MCU’s Spider-Man movies over the past half-decade, it largely belongs to Tony Revolori. Yet, good things never happen to the young ladies who answer their phones in Scream’s opening.

Ghostface himself in his true form

So it is not surprising when she is easily lured into a nearby alley by the voice on the phone. The tenants of a typical Scream opening are all here. Here is some horror movie buzz on the recent trends in the genre. While a giant invisible hand begins to close in around poor Laura. Once she finds herself alone in the street.

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