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Saudi Arabia Made Fun Of Pakistan

Saudi Arabia had promised billions of dollars of loans to Pakistan. Till now he has not given this amount. The Imran government has recently said that they have no money left to run the country.

Saudi Arabia made fun of Pakistan

Saudi Arabia has made fun of Pakistan standing on the verge of bankruptcy. More than a month has passed since Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia. So far, as promised, Pakistan has not received oil on a loan of $3 billion (cash reserve) and $1.2 billion on loan. Now Imran’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary is expressing hope on social media. Prince Mohammed bin Salman may provide cash reserve to Pakistan this week. By the way, it is also interesting that the Government of Pakistan will also have to pay interest at the rate of 3.2% annually on this cash reserve.

Pakistan had also asked Saudi Arabia to borrow $1.2 billion in oil.

Seeing the government being mocked, Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said. Perhaps this week Prince Mohammed bin Salman will provide the cash reserve. There is also a surprising thing. Pakistan will have to deposit annual interest on this amount at the rate of 3.2 percent. Both the army and the government of Pakistan are sitting silently on this matter. But behind the scenes, some other game is going on.

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Now it’s too late

If Saudi Arabian government does not give cash reserve to Pakistan by this week. A huge economic crisis will arise in front of the Imran government. The reason for this is The deal between the IMF and the Government of Pakistan has not been finalized yet. The matter is under control to some extent. But this will be final only when the IMF Executive Board gives the green signal to the agreement. The date of the board meeting is yet to be decided. Very possible It might be in the new year itself. The question is that if Saudi also did not give cash reserve and IMF also does not release an installment of $ 1 billion, then from where will the Imran government bring money for daily expenses?

no more imran

The journalist says The Prince of Saudi Arabia is no longer concerned with Imran but with Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Till then the loan was not announced from their side. Until it was agreed to by Bajwa. Whenever Saudi Arabia helps Pakistan. So usually the check is issued on his behalf within three or five days. But this time it has been more than a month and the hands of Pakistan are still empty. Saudi Arabia had asked Pakistan to give a total loan of $ 4.2 billion. In which $3 billion is to be cash reserve (secured deposit) and $1.2 billion oil supply.

Pakistan itself shot an ax on its feet

Pakistan itself has killed Kalyani on its own feet in this matter. He tried to form a separate organization of Muslim countries along with Malaysia and Turkey. At the same time, due to not speaking anything to India on the Kashmir issue, he started making statements against Saudi Arabia. Due to which Saudi Arabia got angry. It was two years ago, when Pakistan got a loan of $ 3 billion from this country. Seeing the actions of Pakistan, Saudi had asked for his loan back immediately. He was not even given an extension. Due to which Pakistan returned it to Saudi Arabia by taking a loan from China at an arbitrary interest rate.

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