Sam Ryder Space Man jumpsuit on display in Liverpool

The black denim outfit studded with 15,000 beads and gems was worn by the Space Man singer at the 2022 contest in Turin, Italy.
The garment, which took over 200 hours to make, features symbols of the sun, moon, planets and stars.

The singer said that the clothes represent “a turning point” in music.

He said: “The process of writing Space Man with dear friends, the journey we went on as a team and the positive reception and results we received all culminated in a moment shared in this suite, and I couldn’t be more grateful that this is going on public display for fans in Liverpool and around the world to enjoy.”

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Freddie Mercury, Elton John. He said

For me, it tells the story of a turning point in the competition for the UK and in my personal journey with music,” he said. “The suit took over 210 hours of work…almost the same number of hours I spent singing High Stardust, Freddie Mercury, Elton John. He added, “We wanted it to have a galactic, ‘space man’ feel, without being too literal but to reflect his love of astronomy and astrology. for “a suit with sun, moon and star motifs inlaid with over 15,000 pearls, beads and gems”.

From Sam’s rocket-charged successes to Eurovision

Executive director Liz Koravos said the “iconic” jumpsuit is “one of the great stage outfits of the present”. America’s ethos of inclusion, from world unity in support of Ukraine to Space Man’s humanitarian message,” she said.

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