Safari and Kimbella Private Video Leaked

Safari and his rumored girlfriend Kimbella Matos are considering damage control after a purported video leaked online. While some fans are pointing to Erica Mena to be behind the leak.

Public feud with ex-wife Erica Mena

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star and Kimbella have been in the news recently because of their public feud with his ex-wife, Erica Mena. In June, Mena called Matos a “whore” and reprimanded Safari Samuels for dating him. while they were still married.

Shown by an account only seconds of this on twitter

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Nearly two months later, Safari and Kimbella are dealing with a leaked video. It is not clear how people on Twitter received the video. In which it is shown that the couple is getting it. It was shown on Twitter by an account within seconds. Which directed fans to get the full video in their paid Patreon account.

shared a video of myself dancing on the news

Neither Safari nor Kimbella Matos have addressed the leaked video. But the reality TV star revealed that he was tested positive for Covid-19. Which turned out to be a false positive. “Test came back negative Don’t worry! False results I’m a ok,” he wrote on IG sharing a video of himself dancing on the news.

Safari also shows off its latest range with a custom pendant that features a picture of herself with her two kids on one side and Bob Marley on the other.

Leaked video of female fan lashing out at rapper

Meanwhile, female fans who often lash out at the rapper are reacting to the leaked video. Most are overwhelmed with his performance. One woman wrote, “This video may live in the vault. Sorry it’s so overwhelming.” While another said, “It doesn’t make me feel anything, very disappointing.”

Some fans are already pointing fingers at Erica Mena as the person behind the leak. “Am I the only one who already knows that Erica leaked it?” A fan questioned. Another fan said, “We all know the Erica behind this leak and it could be counterproductive that I’m tired of these people.”

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