Sacred Games Actress Kubra Sait Was Seen Kissing Herself Under Water

Everyone will remember the glamor girl Kuku in Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi’s most popular series ‘Sacred Games’. Actress Kubra Sait, who got the praise of people by becoming a Kuku, is also very bold in real life. She constantly shares her pictures on social media and has also told that what happened to her after giving these scenes?

Kubra Sait In A Hot Look Inside The Swimming Pool

In these pictures, Kubra Sait is seen in a very hot style inside the swimming pool. She is wearing a bikini in the pictures, with which her open hair is seen waving in the water. This underwater photoshoot of Kubra is so artistic that a different angle is visible in every picture. Kubra from inside the water and her shadow outside the water looks as if she is KISS herself. Even after her face is not clearly visible in most of the pictures, these pictures are being highly praised. In the pictures, Kubra’s perfect figure and her swimming skills are also impressing people.

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Kubra Sait Played The Character Of ‘Kuku’, A Trans Woman

Significantly, in the Sacred Games web series, Kubra Sait played the character of ‘Kuku’, a trans woman. In the series, his intimate and bold scenes with Nawazuddin Siddiqui were in the news. Now she has shared her experience in detail through an interview. Then we did something else and for the seventh time, when I did it… I was completely broke. I was really broke at that time. Got very emotional. In such a situation, Nawazuddin came to me and said ‘thank you’. He said, ‘May I meet you outside? Then I came to know that the scene is over.

What Did Kubra Sait Say?

Kubra Sait told in an interview that after giving intimate scenes with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the web series, she started crying while sitting on the ground. His tears were not taking the name of stopping. He told that the scene was shot seven times as director Anurag Kashyap had to present it from seven different perspectives. The character of ‘Kuku’ in ‘Sacred Games’ also got a lot of popularity.

Actress Kubra Sait, Who Gave Nude Scenes In ‘Sacred Games’, Is Transgender?

When someone asks this question, I take it as a compliment. It feels good to think that I have breathed so much into the character that people believe it to be true. But in reality I am a woman who likes men. I played the character of transgender with as much honesty as playing the tree in a school program at the age of 6.” According to Kubra, his character is taken from the novel ‘Sacred Games’. But Kuku’s character Some of his scenes were written separately to show life, most of them were kept in the series.

Anurag Kashyap Shot Intimate Scenes 7 Times

Some time ago, Kubbra had told in an interview. The co-director of the series, Anurag Kashyap, had made him an intimate scene 7 times. According to Kubra, “During the scene, Anurag came to me and apologized and said, he is going to shoot it many times. After every take he would come and he would say – one more time. I want to do it again, me Don’t get me wrong. I know you’re misunderstanding me, but please don’t think so.

Kubbra Wept Bitterly After The Scene

Kubra Sait says, ‘I did the first take, he came and said that now let’s do the next one quickly. If I did the second, he said that now we will do one more. The third time I took it, he focused the camera on Nawaz. Then we did something else. And when I did it for the seventh time. By then I was broken, I was really broken after going to that point. I had become very emotional too. After this he found me and said – thank you, I will meet you outside. Then I understood that this scene is over Has gone.’

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