Rylan Clarke Sparks Frenzy As He Recreates Sinitta palm-leaf Outfit

Rylan Clarke dances around in a replica of Sinitta’s famous leaf dress, while she says she has achieved and crafted the impossible.

Rylan Clark, 33, made a grand entrance wearing the leaves

Rylan Clark, 33, made a grand entrance to the BBC radio studio wearing almost nothing but a few strategically placed leaves, in a copy of a dress Sinita had famously worn years earlier. A stunned Sinitta, who saw her leopard skin pants peeking through the back of the dress, joked that she could see her Versace swimming trunks.

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Swimsuit and bikini waiting

In fact, he even picked up leaves from the garden of the X Factor judge’s Caribbean home in preparation for a boot camp show that was filmed in Barbados. “Simon was waiting for the annual swimsuit and bikini and I just couldn’t feel it,” The now 58-year-old prankly revealed Key 103’s for IN: Demand.

“He was like, ‘Oh are you going to go shopping and get some?

When I went to bed at night, I went and basically damaged his garden,” the singer continued, laughing.

Coming out in an ani-weenie bikini.”

A 2009 stunt by the So Macho singer caused quite a stir—and there have been replica versions of the outfit ever since. For example, Robbie Williams himself surprised Gary Barlow two years later by donning a nearly identical version of the costume on The X Factor.

The singer disguised his modesty in a pair of flesh-colored pants

TODAY Rylan was opting for a jungle-inspired look, with a flash of leopard print underneath her version of the outfit. Sinitta, who later announced Simon, had realized she had made her Spice Girl look at the X Factor panel. She made a “mistake” when she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the presenter enter the room.

A high collar pattern

The star, who had previously been on The X Factor herself, was giving her a run for her money in an edgy dress. Sinitta was comparatively wearing a high-collar patterned shirt when she recorded Rylan on Saturday’s show. Saw him while entering the studio for.

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