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Russian Tank Made 40-ton Iron Fridge 64KM Long Convoy Did Not Reach Kyiv

The Russian military convoy headed towards Ukraine’s capital Kyiv has not yet reached its destination. The freezing cold has cost the lives of Russian soldiers.

‘Russian tank turned 40-ton iron fridge

A 64-km-long military convoy had come from Russia to besiege Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, but it has not yet reached its destination and the soldiers accompanying it are struggling with bad conditions. According to the Daily Mail report, this convoy is about 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) from Kyiv.

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Tank made of the 40-ton iron fridge!

In the area of ​​Kyiv where the Russian army is present, the temperature is dropping to minus 20 degrees. Due to this, the tanks of the Russian army have become like a 40-ton iron fridge.

Ukraine claims – 12 thousand Russian soldiers killed

Russia launched military action against Ukraine on 24 February last month. However, there is a constant reply from Ukraine as well. Ukraine claims that so far they have killed more than 12,000 Russian soldiers, while 300 tanks have been destroyed. On the other hand, the Russian army continues to bomb important cities of Ukraine, in which many civilians have died.

2 million people left Ukraine

Russian attacks continue in Ukraine’s Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, etc., due to which millions of people have to leave Ukraine. According to the organization, two million people have left Ukraine. It also includes 8 lakh children. Out of this, there are many such children who were forced to leave Ukraine without their parents.

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