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Russia Developed Spy Rock To Detect Enemies

Russia has developed a special type of spy rock to detect enemies. It can change its position according to the position of the enemies. Know how it works?

Russia developed ‘spy rock’ to detect enemies

Russia to locate the enemies. Developed a special kind of spy rock. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The Defense Ministry’s TV channel says this is a special kind of spy rock. It can change its position according to the position of the enemies. So it can be very useful during times of war.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry

There is a small camera in the spy rock to locate the enemies. Who can take pictures? Apart from this, wheels have been installed in it. How it works, it has been explained by the Ministry of Defense through a video demonstration. It has been prepared by the researchers of the Moscow Military to deal with the enemies.

Enemy can be detected even from one and a half kilometer away

This spy rock can be operated by a person sitting one and a half kilometers away with the help of a radio signal. It is to be seen from the camera whether it can be seen by the enemy or not. According to the situation, the operator can remove it from there. Can be set in such a place from where the enemy’s activity can be monitored.

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The designer who created the spy rock says

The designer of the Air Force Academy, who prepared it, says. It also reacts by listening to your voice. Officially it has been named ‘Observation Complex’. Although it has also been called spy rock in common language. Its idea came from the British Snooper Stone. Which was used by Russia for espionage.

Defense Ministry’s TV channel claims

Due to this spy rock, the activities of the enemies can be monitored while staying away. Along with this, the pictures there can be seen while staying away. With the spy rock, the army personnel will be able to change their strategy and take decisions according to the situation.

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