Run To The Angel Adoree Of The Chateau In Tears

Escape to the Chateau has left a huge difference in fans’ lives since the Channel 4 favorite recently came to an end. The final episode of Escape to the Chateau marks the moment Angel finally finishes one last celebration.

During his last Christmas at the French Chateau

Enthusiasts of the hit Channel 4 series didn’t just have a hard time saying goodbye to Château de la Motte-Husson, and seeing the end of Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adori’s ambitious business venture. During their last Christmas at the French château, Angel struggles to hold back tears as they prepare for the final party.

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Popular series to end in December 2022

Sadly, the popular series has come to an end in December 2022, much to the dismay of fans who have been following Dick and Angel’s journey since day one. The talented couple began renovating the palace into a thriving business and home in 2016. The show’s seven-year run saw his vision come true, as the palace began to flourish while captivated fans watched.

Marking the last Christmas at the castle

Marking their last Christmas at the palace, the husband and wife team a way of thanking them all. Decided to throw the party of a lifetime to those who have supported his journey. During the previous series, the final task for the couple was to prepare for the final Christmas party in the historic building. As their guests go to bed, Angel and Dick continue to work on perfecting the napkin crackers.

Christmas crackers and other decorations to Angel

The day before the big celebration, viewers see Angel hard at work attempting to make Christmas crackers and other decorations. Her creative genius was as strong as ever. And she decided to make some of her old tablecloths into what she needed for the celebration. There are 120 guests coming over, so I was thinking, ‘I’ve got to do napkins with names. Because I’ve always done it,’ and I couldn’t do it anymore,” she explained.

The family started entering the palace

“But also, ‘Oh my God, I want crackers,’ so I thought I’d do the two together and have Linen Crackers with his name on them.” The Touches: “You need these little red stripes to make it feel very French.” The couple’s friends and family started trickling into the palace, and soon the preparations were almost complete.

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