Rumors About Todd Chrisley Affair Is It True

The drama surrounding the Chrisley family has gotten even worse since Chrisley Knows Best. Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley, were found guilty and guilty of tax evasion and fraud on June 7, 2022, after a week-long trial.

Rumors of having extramarital affairs behind the back

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His legal issues have definitely cast him in a negative light. Unfortunately, things are not looking up for them right now. Now, there are rumors of Todd having an extramarital affair behind Julie’s back. Is there any truth in them? Here’s what fans of Chrisley Knows Best should know.

Rumors About Todd Chrisley’s Affair

Todd’s former business partner, Mark Braddock claims. That at one point she had an affair with Todd. He also alleged that he paid a blackmailer. Who found out about their relationship to avoid getting out. According to CinemaBlend, Todd’s lawyer denied the entire story.

“Obsessed” to Mark Todd

Todd’s lawyer says that Mark is “obsessed” with Todd and has given perjury by creating such a story. According to the Daily Mail, Mark says his relationship with Todd felt like a “fraternity.”

Mark says that he confessed the details of his affair with Todd to his wife before taking the stand to testify. It turns out that he was exempted from any financial legal trouble if he was willing to testify under oath.

This is not the first time that rumors of Todd Chrisley being gay have surfaced.

Although Todd has not confirmed any truth in these current affairs rumours, this is not the first time there has been a conversation about his sexual orientation. Todd has responded to gay rumors several times over the years.

Dominic Nati during an appearance on the show

During an appearance on the Dominic Natty show via People, Todd said, “To the dismay of me, this would mean that I don’t agree with someone being gay. I don’t believe it’s a choice that can be made.” You make. I believe you are just the way God made you. I’m lucky that people think I can lay on either side.”

Married to a woman named Teresa Terry

Todd has been married to Julie since 1996. Which means their marriage has lasted for 26 years. Together they share three children. Savannah Chrisley, Chase Chrisley and Grayson Chrisley. Before Todd’s marriage to Julie, he was married to a woman named Teresa Terry between 1990 and 1996. Together they share Lindsey Chrisley and Kyle Chrisley.

Mark’s testimony about an extramarital affair

As of now, Todd and Julie could face up to 30 years behind bars for legal trouble. According to His sentencing is set for October and his judge recently denied a request to spend Thanksgiving in the Caribbean. Mark’s testimony about an extramarital affair with Todd isn’t helpful in their case in the slightest.

New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best air Thursday in the United States. You can catch or re-watch old seasons streaming on Peacock.

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