Royston Sagigi-Bara’s journey from Cape York to the Australian Idol Grand Final

Royston Sagigi-Bara may be an Australian Idol finalist, but for every remote Indigenous community in Cape York, she is already a star.

Thanakvith and Vagdam Namak

You can make your dreams come true no matter where you come from and the people of the Cape are united behind them. Thanakwith and Wagdam, a 24-year-old Royston, live in Mapoon at the tip of Far North Queensland. grew up in the small community, which has a population of around 400. “Most kids wanted to play rugby or go fishing, but I just wanted to sing,” says Royston. movie.

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A spot on Australian Idol

Royston says, “I took it home and watched it over and over and completely fell in love with the music, especially the vocals.” would land him a spot on Australian Idol. Royston is one of the final three contestants on the show and will compete in the Grand Final later this week for a recording contract and prize money.

Being on the show has been incredible in more ways than one.

“The whole experience was a lot of fun, performing on a big stage with sets and props, doing your hair and makeup, and wearing nice clothes,” says Royston. “It’s also great exposure as a singer and giving you exposure to the music industry can help me grow wild.” James Hughes, his childhood chaplain and lifelong friend, says he is not surprised Royston has made it so far in the competition as he always saw her star potential. “I first met Royston when he was just six years old and I had gone to Mapoon as a priest,” says James.

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