Romeo and Juliet Spin-Off Roslyn Starring Caitlyn Dever Release Date on Hulu October 14th

Soon, Shakespeare fans will get to see what happens to Roslyn, the first flame of Romeo.

Actors Kyle Allen and Gold Star as Juliet

Romeo and Juliet’s spin-off film, Romeo and Juliet’s spin-off centered around the world-famous tragedy Romeo First Pines, will begin streaming on Hulu on October 14. Caitlin Dever in the title role of Roslyn With Romeo, actors Kyle Allen as Dora and Gold stars as Juliet, as Isabella Merced, and Happy Madison stars Bradley Whitford as Friar Lawrence in the title role.

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Hulu shared several photos from the upcoming film

One shows Dever sitting in a chair in a pretty red dress, while an attendant ties a white mask over her face. Getting ready for a party: The film Rosaline, a Romeo and Juliet spin-off woman of Romeo centered around the world-famous tragedy that pines for a first, will begin streaming on Hulu on October 14

Scott Neustadter, author of 500 Days of Summer

In another photo, Merced’s Juliet sits on a bed while wearing a white gown with red sleeves and a matching hat over her pitch black hair. The film was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, authors of 500 Days of Summer Tells the story of Roslyn as she tries to win back Romeo after falling in love with Juliet.

On top of Roslyn, Dever Ticket to

The film is based on the book When You Were Mine and was directed by Yes, God, Yes director Karen Main. On top of Rosalyn, Dever will also appear in Ticket to Paradise, a film starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Actor Jack Duhame in the film

The film revolves around a divorced couple who attempt to sabotage their daughter’s marriage in Bali. Their second film, No One Will Save You, is in post-production and will arrive sometime next year. Plot details not known, the film will star Multiplicity actor Jack Duhame and Paradise Lost actress Lauren L. Murray.

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