Robin Thede Teases Epic Return Of A Black Lady Sketch Show

Over the past two decades, “A Black Lady Sketch Show” creator and star Robin Theed has broken barrier after barrier for black women in comedy, culminating with his Emmy-winning HBO sketch comedy series “For Us”. , by us” signifies the phrase. ,

Presented with a Healthy Helping of Black Lady Joy

At the heart of the show’s success is its particular Black Lady approach. Cast members Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, and Skye Townsend respond to related topics, such as ash skin, hair problems, and Black church politics, and present them with a healthy helping of Black Lady Joy.

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Robin Thede on Balancing heavy Themes with Comedy

Each episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show consists of about five to six sketches and touches on weighty issues while making the audience laugh. When it came to how Thed balanced the two, he explained, “The current women black is controversial,” and wanted to do a sketch show that featured four black women. While the comedian stated that she “didn’t want to go political”, she also admitted that she “naturally hurts those subjects” because it affected the lives of her characters.

A Black Lady Sketch Show’ Producer Robin Theed Reveals

Although comedian and writer Robin Theed initially dreamed of joining the cast of Saturday Night Love, he did something better; Her own series, A Black Lady Sketch Show. Produced by Insecure star Issa Rae, the hilarious show features a black female lead and makes the audience laugh out loud while touching on heavy themes. Producer Robin Theed explained how he balances the two on the Deadline Contenders television program.

Black Lady Sketch Show’ on Variety’s ‘Through Our Lens

It all starts in the writer’s room, where Thede has assembled a group of Black women to pen sketches from their personal experiences and points of view. In fact, the show staffed front to back with people of color — including a series of Black women directors to helm the show. Black women in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe trailers to ensure the wigs and weaves have the flair they deserve, and an Emmy-winning troupe of Black women editors to sharpen it all into focus. The diversity behind the scenes (which also includes Black men and other people of color on staff) has helped the show carve a profoundly different path in the otherwise white, male-dominated sketch world.

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