Riot Sports Denies Having Policy That Prohibits Female Employees From Posting Bikini Photos On Social Media

Riot Games has denied that it has a policy to forbid female employees from sharing bikini photos on social media. Or criticizing male employees wearing T-shirts with “bikini models”.

A software engineer working at Valorant

The initial claim comes from @SNazerine, a software engineer working at Valorant. She alleged that Riot Games had disciplined her for sharing a picture of herself in a swimsuit on a private social media account. Andrea Cepenzis had little to say about Riot Games. Even as his former Insights Lead, Director of Business Health and Director of Strategy for Riot X Arcane.

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There’s a riot woman and you post a picture of a swimsuit

“If you’re a riot woman and you post a picture of a swimsuit. You can get in trouble with HR and have to remove it,” claimed @SNazerine. “But then you go to the office and people walk around in T-shirts adorned with bikini models, and you have a policy specifically forbidding complaining about that.” The spokesperson said, “There are about 4,000 rioters and we have one of the most vulnerable. Social media policies of any company I know.

Sexual abuse of child women in every way they can control

“No no no, you don’t get it. Digital sexual abuse of child-women in every way they can. Because having things for your own satisfaction is basically a civil right. @ajseps snarked.When *real *Women make them feel stuff* so they have power, and that can’t be allowed.” Valorant game producer Sarah Dadafsher also claimed that the issue was with “personal” social media accounts. I’m sure you can find hundreds of photos of rioters of all genders in all kinds of beachwear on social media.

Nazerine finally replied to her own tweet saying?

@SNazerine eventually replied to her own tweet, saying, “HR partner reached out to me about this. And said I can come to her about it and she’ll do my best so we keep winning girls.” Speaking to The Gamer, Riot Games said the company “has no rules like this. It’s going to follow up with everyone who’s made a claim about it. That’s why the studio is clarifying their policies.” Male colleagues made inappropriate remarks, posed by female activists. Gone ideas were dismissed instead of praised, “fraternal culture,” and more.

Rioters workers content seen on social media from other rioters

If riot workers express concern about content seen on social media from other rioters. So we can take action to keep Riot’s workplace safe and inclusive. If it is a violation of our policies or against our values,” Riot Games explained. They also acknowledged that some complaints may be made in “bad faith,” and do not act on all complaints. Tencent’s subsidiary The company was the focus of a 2018 expose by Kotaku. They claimed that the company had refused to promote women in leadership roles.

Riot Games spokesperson defends

A Riot Games spokesperson defended, “The idea that we’re actively policing this or that it’s a widespread thing is ridiculous.” “In my four years here I’ve never had a conversation about a bikini pic.” A representative explained that the post would not violate either social media or dress code policies. “To be 100 percent clear, there is no policy against bikini photos or anything like that.” The statement concluded that shirts with women wearing bikinis worn by men in the alleged office violated company policy. Will happen. And Riot Games had reached out to those complying with the above.

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