Richa Chadha Reveals The Drugs Angle Of Bollywood Last Year Distraction

Richa Chadha’s web series ‘Candy’ has released on Voot Select. This series shows the addiction of drugs in school children and the murder mystery that grows around it. In such a situation, Richa also talked about Bollywood’s drugs connection. Richa had an exclusive conversation with News18 Hindi Digital and spoke on many issues, from her character in this web series to drugs in Bollywood.

Web Series Of Bollywood Actress Richa Chadha

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha’s web series ‘Candy’ has released on Voot Select. Richa is seen in the role of a police officer for the first time in this web series. Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha starrer web series is a supernatural-crime-thriller drama. In this web series, the story of school children caught in the clutches of drugs has shown. In such a situation, when Richa asked if there a lot of uproar in Bollywood over the drug connection last year, Richa called it a ‘great distraction’.


Richa Spoke On The Issue Of Drugs In Bollywood

Last year was the angle of Bollywood and drugs, it was a great distraction. And I am also very happy that the channels which tried to defame them later apologized. Because it is wrong to generalize any one industry in such a way that everyone here will be the same. There are all kinds of people everywhere. It’s the same in our show. If some children are taking drugs, on the other hand their friends are also stopping them from doing so.

Richa Chadha Met Some Lady Officers Of Uttarakhand Police

In this web series, Richa is becoming a policewoman for the first time. And for its preparation, the actress has met the real lady police officers. On the preparations for character, Richa said that she got a lot of ideas from script itself. To understand the rest of this character, he talked to the real lady police officers. Richa said, ‘I had a brief conversation with the local police here in Mumbai, met some lady officers of Uttarakhand police. Understanding their pressure, how they have to work outside and they have the responsibility of the house as well.

On The Comparison Between Web Series And Films, Richa Said

They also have in-laws, everything has to be managed. There was a lady officer, who was talking on the phone that you boil the dal, I will come home and make tempering. Pick up the child, my shift will be late today. So this is all the pressure that lady officers have to bear. On the other hand, on the comparison between web series and films, Richa said, ‘Look, both have their own fun. In the movies, you leave very quickly, even laughing. Your shooting completed in 40-45 days. However, in the web series, your character gets breathing space. Both the processes are fun. Let us tell you that this 8-episode web series has released on Voot Select. It is a fun crime-thriller, which also has the element of supernatural power.

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