‘RHODUbai Star Channel Ayaan Reveals Shedding Tears

Channel Ayan revealed in this week’s episode, “They tied us to the bed and we were circumcised.”

real housewives of dubai

In this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Dubai Chanel Ayan revealed a huge piece of information about her past. During a hypnotherapy session, the channel tearfully revealed that she and her older sister, as young children was circumcised and his family did not know.

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Dr. Sara Al-Madani

“At the age of 5, my aunt and my grandmother came to take us to another city,” Chanel told the therapist as she held co-star Dr. Sara al-Madani’s hand. “And then the next morning at 6, I didn’t know where I was going and then they took us to this man’s house and they tied us to bed and we were circumcised.

Chanel with some of the women in the group

The Kenya-born model has previously shared details about her painful upbringing, including the fact that she was beaten up by her father. However, this was the first time he went on to elaborate on the specifics of the abuse he had committed. “I don’t have a lot of memories because I feel like I block things out,” Chanel told the therapist. Sarah, who initially suggested the idea of ​​attending a hypnotherapy session, thought that this revelation was due to her. That may be part of why Chanel had trouble mingling with some of the women in the group.

Sarah told the cameras

It tells about her behavior and how she is,” noting how it would make Chanel a better version of herself. Because her vaginal area was sealed off, Chanel had to be medically circumcised. Now -After meeting husband Christopher, Chanel – who was a virgin at the time – went to the doctor so that she could be physically intimate with her husband.

Despite the difficulties, the channel revealed

Have tried my best to find the silver lining in all this. I have tried to understand,” Chanel said in its confession. “The reason I am talking about it is to bring awareness to it and I I want people to understand that this happens every day, and if that’s my mission, maybe that’s what I should do.”

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