RHOC star Heather penned a heartfelt note

Heather shares the heartwarming story of her son coming out as transgender; Says ‘we are proud to be your parents’.

Proud mom Heather Dubrow recently shared a post on Instagram

shared a post on Instagram where he announced that his youngest son has come out as transgender. The post was a tribute to his son on the occasion of International Day of the Son. The RHOC star shared a beach photo with her son’s name “Ace” etched in the sand. She captioned it – “It’s International Son’s Day! We love you, our youngest son, with an ace heart emoji.”

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The Woh star expresses her love for Ace

Heather Dubrow said that it is the job of parents to provide their children with a safe and supportive environment so that they grow up to be happy, healthy, confident and independent individuals. The 54-year-old further added that the ace is just 12 years old and has a long life ahead of him. So, one day they would like him to share his story if he chooses to do so. The Bravo star expressed her love for Ace and how proud she is to be his parent. He ends the verse by saying that his brothers and sisters also love him. Heather’s husband, Dr Terry Dubrow replied to the post and wrote, “Thank you all for spreading the love.

Deciding to Reveal It in Family Group Texts

Heather and Terry are the proud parents of their four children, including Katrina, Max, and Nick and Ace. Prior to Ace, two of Heather’s children have come out as LGBTQ members. In 2020, their daughter ‘Max’ announced that she is bisexual. Later in 2022, Heather announces that her other daughter, Kat, is lesbian. Kat decides to reveal this in their family group text as she writes, ‘By the way, I’m a lesbian’. Heather also shared that she had mixed reactions to the sexual identity of her children. Even though she knows her family is incredibly inclusive and accepting, she always wonders what other people in the world would be like.

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