Red Moon In Pop Star Kali Uchis Venus

In her lush and captivating third album, the pop star looks to the heavens, invoking the cosmic power of love and divine femininity.

According to Ancient Mythology

According to astrologers and ancient mythology, a blood moon, or red moon, is a bad omen. Is a harbinger of natural disasters, economic ruin, or the death of a great patron. Fortunately, a red moon is a rare occurrence: a full moon in a total lunar eclipse, its deep, wild glow reminding us that perfect alignments are rare. It is a symbol of burning intensity and divinity. which directs genre-defying Colombian-American pop star Kali Uchis through Venus in the Red Moon. which is her third studio album, and the second is mostly sung in English.

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Uchis redefines the boundaries of Latin pop music

Uchis has spent the better part of the last decade redefining the boundaries of Latin pop music. She perfected her fusion of R&B and pop on her acclaimed debut Isolation. Then Left took that enormous versatility on the Spanish-language album Sin Meadow (Del Amor y Otro Demonios). Where she prescribed love as a powerful anti-anxiety drug. Watching her funky psychedelic spirit evolve into confident, shapeshifting pop has been fascinating. A generation of fans has fallen under the spell of his experimental nostalgic music.

The first half of the album moves like the early stages of a relationship

Red Moon in Venus merges some of the most sublime sounds of Uchis’ career. It’s a singular record, showcasing lush, love-filled vignettes and high-feminine escapism without being restrained. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and Love Pepper’s profession “In My Garden”. and lead single “I Wish You Roses,” two tender devotional songs that ignite the album’s faithful vision of love. The first half of the album progresses like the early stages of a relationship: endless, saccharine, and all-consuming. Instead of focusing on demoralizing depictions of fatal women, “I Wish You Roses” emphasizes the desire to heal.

Uchis knows the power of her Sex Appeal

She’s like a modern La Lupe with a timeless beauty. channeling music across cultures which allows him to fit any idea into his singular vision. “I gotta spoil every way / It’s like every day is Valentine’s,” she sings over the top pop-funk highlight “Endlessly.” rose-tinted glasses? But. But only for a while. “With pretty flowers may come the bee sting / But I want to love you.” she sings, affirming a soft but firm grip on her lover and their destiny. Uchis knows the power of her sex appeal; the patriarchy Instead of modifying it, she finds improvement and liberation in femininity.

Uchis’s Serenade Is a Warning to Lovers Everywhere

Serenade of Uchis is a warning to lovers everywhere, a way to own her femininity in a culture that would relegate it to a subordinate role. One moment she is projecting the soul trio Tempriz (“Love Between”). And the very next day she’s taunting an ex that their new girl will eat his pussy if he lets her go (“Hasta Cuando”). Her confidence reminds others that often a spoiled bitch and devoted lover. Like Beyoncé or Tinashe cross the line. In the video for “I Wish You Roses”, Uchis poses in a bed of pink flowers, which is a symbolic reference to a scene from the 1999 film American Beauty, which explores a middle-aged man’s fatal obsession with a girl. does.

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