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Recommends a Major Change to Chicago Soldier Field in the Hope of Keeping the Bears Downtown

CHICAGO — The City of Chicago Mayoral Committee plans to recommend installing a dome over Soldier Field as an incentive to keep Bears downtown and attract other potential users, according to a report.

The team at Old Arlington International Racecourse

The news comes as the Chicago Bears are increasingly likely to move the team to the old Arlington International Racecourse in the suburbs. where they can form an area similar to the Chicago Cubs. Which is done in Wrigleyville.

Crane’s Chicago Business Told

In addition to the dome, Crane’s Chicago Business reported. that other upgrades can made to the stadium. Such as rebuilding some parts.

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CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 25: A general view of Soldier Field and the Chicago Bears logo is seen before game action at a Precision NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears on August 25, 2018, at Soldier Field in Chicago IL. According to the report, the construction of a dome would “almost certainly” require a taxpayer subsidy.

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The wind of a possible turnaround began to swirl back in June 2021. That’s when the Bears surprised Chicago and their fans by making this announcement. that he has made a bid to buy Arlington Racecourse.

Soldier Field locked in lease

Mayor Lori Lightfoot retaliated by saying this. By 2033 the Bears are locke in a Soldier Field lease with the city. He called their dialect a “negotiation tactic” and “noise”.

Committed to having ‘Chicago’ name on a football team

“As a season ticket holder and longtime Bears fan, I am committe to putting the name ‘Chicago’ on our football team. And like most Bears fans, we want that organization to beat the Packers and have a winning team. Lastly, and being relevant last October,” Lightfoot said in a statement.

Marc Ganis, head of sports consulting firm SportsCorp

“The contract that the Bears and the Park District signed enables the Bears to move out of Soldier Field,” said Marc Ganis, head of Chicago-based sports consulting firm SportsCorp. “They refer to this as an improper transfer in the lease … and there is a provision for liquidated damages to paid to the Park District for an improper transfer.”

Since it takes at least five years to build a new NFL stadium. So the Bears could “improperly move” to Arlington in 2026, at the earliest. At the time, experts estimated the team would have to pay $85 million in liquidation damages.

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