Rapper Furious At Twitter User Who Called Daughter Autistic

Many users came in support of Cardi B. Fans gave courage to the rapper and said that he does not need to answer such people. Such people do such acts only for publicity, they should be dealt with peacefully. You are strong, ignore them.

Cardi B Loves Her Daughter Kulture Very Much

Rapper Cardi B loves her daughter Kulture very much. Now Cardi has lashed out at a Twitter user. A user on Twitter called Cardi B’s daughter Kulture autistic. To this, Cardi replied by tweeting – You have no right to say this to my daughter. American rapper Cardi B has fiercely vented her anger on Twitter users. The rapper was trolled by a follower for his daughter, which made Cardi very angry. Cardi lashed out at the user, seeing the matter escalate, the user deleted his tweet.

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A Twitter user wrote in his deleted tweet

One Twitter user wrote in his deleted tweet, “Your daughter is really autistic and you are constantly on Twitter instead of making sure. You should see that she is not licking her finger in an open outlet.” ‘Never Give Up’ rapper Cardi B responded to this objectionable tweet, writing, “My daughter is not autistic. You can’t call her ugly. You have to correct your mind for this.” After this, Cardi gave the user a lot. thrashed badly.

Appeals to Cardi B not to entertain trolls

Many different types of reactions came on Cardi’s answer. Many people appealed to Cardi B not to entertain the trolls. One user tweeted, ‘Ignore them, simple. They want to reach you, and you are answering and allowing them to do so.” Another user advised Cardi not to pay attention to her. The user wrote – ‘Stop paying attention to them. Because that’s what they want Huh.’ At the same time, many other users started a debate on autism by moving away from the main issue.

Another user explained on the tweet

A user whose tweet had the most likes wrote, “His daughter is not autistic. But I am and I am very smart and there is nothing wrong with having autism. But Cardi B knows her daughter better than anyone else. Another user explained on this tweet, “No one is saying that there is anything wrong with being autistic, but look at the intent of the person saying it. They weren’t trying to be helpful or informative, they did it in a malicious way.” So yes Cardi B has a right to be upset.

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