Rapper Badshah Troubles Increased Camel Had to be Used Without Permission in The Video of Pani Pani

Rapper Badshah’s song ‘Pani- Pani’ has once again been mired in controversy. No permission was obtained from the Animal Welfare Board on the camels and horses used in the music videos.

Rapper Badshah’s troubles increased

Bollywood’s famous singer and rapper Badshah entertain people a lot with his songs. At the same time, many times they also get caught in controversies regarding their songs. Once again the rapper is in trouble regarding his favorite track Pani-Pani.

Rapper Badshah is accused

The rapper has been accused of using camels and horses without approval in the song titled ‘Pani- Pani’. Acting on this allegation, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has issued a notice to the producers of the song. The board has asked Neeraj Bhatt, Aditya Dev, and Hiten to give written answers within 7 days.

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In this song, words that insult women were used.

No NOC has been taken from the board for the animals used in this song. This is not only a violation of the Performing Animals (Registration) Rules 2001. There is also contempt of orders of the Supreme Court. Apart from the use of animals in this song, words that insult women have been used. However, no response has come from the producers in this matter yet.

Earlier also Badshah was accused of buying likes on social media which was later accepted by the rapper. In this case, the rapper also had to face trollers.

Punjab government demanded

Panditrao demanded to stop the use of weapons and alcohol in Punjabi Song.
Panditrao Dharneshwar of Chandigarh has written a complaint letter to the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan, besides the DC of Jaisalmer, complaining about the use of people without respect in the song. Apart from this, demanded from the Punjab government. There has been a demand for strict laws to stop the use of alcohol and weapons in films and songs.

AWBI also took action on these songs

Even before Badshah, Panditrao had also filed a complaint against Sippy Gill and Sidhu Moosewala against Babbar Sher and Bhai-Bhai. In this also the Animal Welfare Board of India had issued a notice. Now the board is preparing to take strict action in this matter.

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