Randall Emmett Denies All Claims Of Sexual Misconduct For playing A Role In His Movies

Randall Emmett, 51, is accused of sexual misconduct. A woman being defended by Gloria Allred claims that Emmett proposed to her when she 23 and asked her to have sex in exchange for receiving an acting job.

Another woman also said that Emmett aggressively followed her on some Instagram DMs

According to her spokeswoman Sally Hoffmeister, Emmett denied all of the 2012 allegations. Hofmeister also claims that these are false allegations against his client, and that it a smear campaign run by his former fiancée. Published misconduct report. According to the report, the 51-year-old manufacturer involved in unethical business practices that relate to debt and extended litigation.

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According to the letter obtained by the Times

Lawyer Gloria Allred noted that she was representing a woman who claims Emmett made it clear that she would have sex if she wanted to get acting jobs from him. The claimant also noted That she once wrote to Emmett about a movie role position, and she replied, ‘Yes. One day’s work and you have to * me.’

Nude pose in your office while masturbating

Allred did not want to reveal the woman’s name because she feared the consequences. According to the letter, the woman mentioned that she has acted in a few films produced by Emmett. And for that, he had to have oral sex with her, massage her, allow her digital penetration, and even pose naked in his office while masturbating.

the woman mentioned

Did all these sexual activities with him/her because she wanted to advance her career and was also afraid of harassing this reputed producer. According to court documents related to the custody case with her ex-fiance Lala Kent, Las Vegas Another 30-year-old woman from the U.S. mentioned that Emmett started sending unwanted messages via Instagram DM earlier this year. The woman also mentioned that she had never met Emmett, but had proposed to her sexually and asked him to use illegally obtained narcotics with him.

To this, Sally Hoffmeister said

His client, Emmett, underwent a drug test to prove that he had maintained sobriety for almost a year. She also mentioned that these allegations arose because of her custodial proceedings with her ex-fiancé Lala Kent and that she could not provide any forensic evidence of the fact that these text messages were not fake.

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