Ramanand Sagar Great Granddaughter Sakshi Chopra Walked Out Of The House Wearing This Outfit

Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, who produced the famous TV serial ‘Ramayana’, dominates social media due to boldness. Now some of her new pictures are going viral in which it will be difficult to stop seeing her hot style.

Sakshi Chopra Seen in a Mesh Dress

In the viral photos, Sakshi Chopra is seen in a netted dress, which has caught everyone’s attention. In the pictures, Sakshi Chopra has increased the hearts of fans with her bold look. These pictures are fiercely liked and shared. These bold pictures of Sakshi Chopra are dominated on social media.Whoever is seeing this look of his is going to be stunned.

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Sakshi Chopra is a Model by Profession

Let us tell you that Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of TV producer Meenakshi Sagar, who is the granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar. Sakshi Chopra is a model singer and songwriter as well. He has studied from Trinity School of London. And then did a filmmaking course from The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in California.

Sakshi is The Great-Granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar

Many people also call Sakshi by the name of Instagram Queen. Actually, Sakshi has a long fan list on Instagram. At the same time, his photos also become viral on social media within a few minutes. But this time, Sakshi wore such a thing that she started trolling on social media. Some time ago, a post of Sakshi was very much discussed. In this, he wrote that you can use bad words for me. I don’t want to pay any attention to these things. It doesn’t matter to me.

Users Trolled Sakshi

Many users even compared Sakshi with the alias Javed. Actually, Urfi is famous for her bold clothes. One user wrote – You are illuminating the name of your family. At the same time, one wrote – Now this was all it was to see. One user wrote – Wow, this is what is called fashion. Another user wrote – Why are you wearing this too. On Instagram, Sakshi shares quite bold photos with her fans. Along with this, she has also shared semi-nude photos many times.

Pictures Went Viral on The Internet

To capture Sakshi in this avatar on her camera, the paparazzi ran after her. Sakshi also posed for the paparazzi with complete ease. Seeing the pictures of Sakshi on social media became viral. Social media users did not like this avatar of Sakshi at all and people started trolling her by making many comments. Many people even asked in the comments whether Sakshi was not feeling cold in this outfit in the winter of December.

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