Rakhi Sawant is winning the hearts of fans by entertaining in Bigg Boss season 15. This time Rakhi Sawant has come with her husband Ritesh in the show. By the way, the debate on whether Ritesh is Rakhi’s real husband or fake is on. Fans got to see the romantic chemistry of the couple for the first time in the last episode. Seeing Rakhi Sawant and her husband standing together, the rest of the housemates shout kiss kiss kiss. What happened after this surprised all the BB fans.

Rakhi Sawant And Her Husband Ritesh Had Lovely Dowry Moments

If you have not seen the last episode of Bigg Boss 15, then this news is for you. You will also be surprised to know what happened in Friday’s episode. Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh had lavish dowry moments in the show for the first time. Rakhi’s husband Ritesh stirred up romance in the Big Boss house in the morning. Ritesh lip-kissed Rakhi Sawant in front of the rest of the family. Rakhi Sawant blushed seeing this gesture of her husband. Rakhi’s reaction was worth watching. In the last episode, all the family members were sitting in the garden area.

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Rakhi Is Seen Picking Them UP With A Broom

The song plays in the morning in the episode but some of the members do not wake up. After that Rakhi is seen picking them up with a broom. Then Rakhi comes to the garden area where other members of the house are sitting. She tells him, ‘I am screaming so much, it seems that the kidney is not visible.’ The family members say, ‘Today’s episode will not come for half an hour on Rakhi.’ Ritesh is also sitting there, he goes to Rakhi, only then all the family members cheer, ‘Kiss, kiss kiss’.

Rakhi And Ritesh Kiss In Front Of The Camera

Rakhi and Ritesh look into each other’s eyes for a long time and then kiss. When Rakhi starts blushing, Karan Kundra tells her, ‘She is blushing, the whole of India could not make it blush.’ Snigdha wants to show the real face of Ritesh to the whole world by coming to Bigg Boss. She believes that if she is called in Bigg Boss 15 then she can spoil his condition by coming there. Let us inform that Rakhi Sawant had revealed in Bigg Boss 14 that her husband is already married and has a son.

Old pictures Of Riteish Are Going Viral

On the other hand, old pictures of Ritesh are going viral on social media. It is being claimed with the pictures that Ritesh is already married and has his own family. In one picture, Ritesh is sitting in the wedding mandap while in another he is with a woman and child. It is being told that this is his real wife. Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh came close and Ritesh kissed Rakhi on the lips. Seeing this sight, all the family members start hooting. Rakhi turns red with shame after kissing her husband on national television.

Rakhi-Riteish’s Kissing Clips Have Gone Viral

At the same time, Ritesh is also seen blushing. The family members tease Rakhi and Ritesh. These romantic moments between Rakhi and Ritesh are being quipped on social media. Rakhi-Riteish’s kissing clips have gone viral. Ever since Rakhi Sawant came in BB 15, she was often seen complaining to her husband that her husband stays away from her. don’t come close. He hesitates to come close to the show. It is said that the family members are watching. But in Friday’s episode, Ritesh openly expressed his love for Rakhi without any shame to the family members. There is a tremendous discussion about the romantic chemistry of Rakhi and Ritesh. These days the picture of Ritesh is going viral. In which he is seen with his wife and children. By sharing these photos, the fans are telling Ritesh to be Rakhi’s fake husband.

Shocking Revelation Of First Wife Of Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Ritesh

Snigdha Priya has come forward and talked openly about Rakhi’s husband Ritesh. The woman has revealed in her latest interview that they were married in the year 2014. After a year of marriage, their son was born. Ritesh’s family is a resident of Vidya Vihar in Delhi but his roots are associated with West Champaran in Bihar. For this reason, when he got married, according to the custom of Bihar, his family gave Rs 25 lakh in cash dowry to Ritesh. Because Ritesh had claimed that he is an alumnus of IIT.

Snigdha Priya Said That Ritesh Has Beaten Her On Many Occasions

In the year 2017, when both were in Chennai, Ritesh had hit Snigdha with a belt for four hours, and after the same incident, they separated. Snigdha Priya told that Ritesh’s sister had brought the relationship. Ritesh is a very manipulative person in real life and soon confuses people with his talk. Not only this, Snigdha Priya claimed that Ritesh is not Aamir at all. At the time of marriage, her family was from below middle class. He is a conservative man, who did not give freedom to the wife to wear clothes of her choice.