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Rain and Floods in Tamil Nadu Again Inflict Wounds of 2015

It is raining incessantly in many areas of Tamil Nadu. In Chennai itself, 260 houses have been destroyed due to rain. 160 relief and rescue camps have been set up to keep people safe. It is being told that after 2015, the northeast monsoon has wreaked havoc in Chennai.

Rains in Tamil Nadu rekindled the wounds of 2015

Heavy rains and floods in Tamil Nadu have resurfaced those wounds of 2015. At that time they were seen in heavy rains and floods. But the question is, why does this city situated on the sea coast get submerged in water due to heavy rains? After all, why is there no system of water drainage here? After all, why have all the governments in the Dravidian heartland failed to resolve this issue? There are many reasons due to which today the cities of Tamil Nadu become chaotic after heavy rains.

What changed in 6 years?

If we look at the latest situation in Tamil Nadu, it is clear. Just as nothing has changed even after 6 years, similarly this condition is not visible to change even for the next 10 years. The main reason for this is corruption which encouraged encroachment across the city. Today Chennai is standing on the verge of death due to many flaws. Over the years, many cities have grown significantly in size. Chennai City has now spread to Greater Chennai. Due to which people have settled thereby making many wetlands dry land. These areas have become low-living areas. That is, the wetland i.e. the lake from which the water was to go into the sea has stopped now.

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encroachment closed the way of water

There is no way to get water from the wetland ie the lake in the city. Either a big building has been built on these wetlands. People are living in slums. Now the encroachment of people around river drains has increased to such an extent. There is no way for the water to go. Experts believe that the situation was not like this decades ago. Then the city was settled like this. In spite of heavy rain, the water goes directly into the sea.

Flood warning in these areas

Traffic is affected in Chennai due to waterlogging on roads due to heavy rains. A flood warning has been issued in Sirukalathur, Kavanaugh, Kundrathur, Thiruvamudivakkam, Thiruniramalai areas. All the people have been alerted to stay safe. The Fire and Rescue Department along with the employees of the Public Works Department has already deployed several teams to draw water in all the rain-affected areas. Also, NDRF teams have been kept on standby. The state revenue department is monitoring the water situation.

Flood alert, school-college closed

In view of the warning of heavy rain in many districts by the Meteorological Department, NDRF teams have been kept ready. At the same time, due to heavy rains, the Education Department has announced a holiday for two days in the schools and colleges of the affected districts. At the same time, schools and colleges will remain closed for two days i.e. on November 8-9, in view of the worsening situation in Puducherry also.

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