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Raid On Raza Academy Office Believed To Be Responsible For Violence In Maharashtra

At midnight, the police raided the office of Raza Academy and recovered some documents.

Kami is blaming the institution responsible for the violence in Maharashtra

Protest in Tripura against the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh. The violence that broke out in Maharashtra was due to the rumor that mosques burnt during the protest. BJP is blaming the Raza Academy institution for this and is demanding a ban against it. Against this background, today (November 17, Wednesday) midnight, the Raza Academy’s office raided by the police, and some documents recovered.

Violence erupted in rally

The bandh was called by Raza Academy and All India Sunni Jamiat Ulema in Malegaon. A rally taken out with thousands of people. There was a lot of violence in this rally. Shops were burnt. Properties worth lakhs were damaged in stone-pelting and vandalism. In this case, only one case was registered against the organizers. No further action was taken by the police. BJP was continuously demanding strict action on this matter. Local MLAs were also raising questions on the role of the police. After this, at midnight today, the police raided the office of Raza Academy and recovered some documents.

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Is NCP leader Ayaz Bustle the real mastermind of the riots?

The violence that took place in Malegaon well planned. Such facts brought to the fore by MLA Maulana Mufti. NCP leader and corporate Ayaz Hustle prepared an objectionable video and made it viral on social media. It was said in the video that atrocities are taking place against Muslims in Tripura. There the government has laid down its arms. The clip with such messages further forwarded to different groups with the help of four people. This incident is on November 8. In this case, the police have also arrested Ayaz Hustle. Action has also been taken against other 42 people. The police are searching for the perpetrator of the riots.

MLA Maulana Mufti made serious allegations on Ayaz stir

Malegaon riots should probed in depth. This demand made by MLA Maulana Mufti. He said, “Riots instigated in a well-planned manner in Malegaon. Eight days ago, NCP leader and corporate Ayaz Halal held a meeting regarding the incident in Tripura. Made inflammatory speeches. But the police did not take any action.’ But NCP leader Nawab Malik has accused BJP leaders of inciting riots.

‘Raza Academy distributed money to people

MLA Maulana Mufti alleges that ‘Arrested in the case of riots. One person belongs to NCP. One absconding suspect belongs to Janata Dal. Some people of Raza Academy from Mumbai distributed money for this. The rioters had collected stones the night before the riots. Malegaon has been quiet for twenty years. All this is a well-planned action of the people.

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