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Rahul Gandhi Said The Government Is Afraid Of Discussing The Bill In Parliament

Rahul Gandhi said while targeting PM Modi admitted that 700 people have lost their lives due to his mistake.

Rahul Gandhi said on three agricultural laws

The bill to withdraw the three agricultural laws has got the approval of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. After this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the Modi government by holding a press conference. He said that the way these laws repealed. He shows it without any conversation. The government is afraid of discussion. Along with this, he tweeted and said. The discussion was not allowed- on MSP, on justice for martyr Annadata, on dismissal of Union Minister in Lakhimpur case, he said. The government who snatched the right to discuss with the Parliament has failed, is cowardly.

Rahul Gandhi said

3 black laws will have to be withdrawn. We have said this before. We knew that the power of 3-4 big capitalists cannot stand in front of the farmers of India. And the same thing happened, the black laws had to be repealed. This is the success of the farmers, the success of the country.

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Congress leader said

We wanted to discuss 700 martyr farmers, MSP, Lakhimpur Kheri, and Minister of State for Home, which the government did not allow. MSP, loan waiver, which they are demanding and we support this demand.

Rahul Gandhi said, “PM Modi apologized while announcing the return of agricultural laws. That is, he admitted that 700 people died due to his mistake. So the PM should compensate for the mistake.

Targeting the government, Rahul Gandhi said

The government said in this bill that a group of farmers is protesting. This is an insult to the farmers. Earlier you called them Khalistani and now you are calling them a group of farmers. This is not a group of farmers, but all the farmers of the country. They understand which forces are making these attacks.

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