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Rahul Dravid Pleased With the Kanpur pitch gave 35 Thousand Rupees to the Groundsman

Indian team head coach Rahul Dravid prepared for the Kanpur Test. Happy with the pitch, the groundsman has been rewarded. The Kanpur Test lasted for five days and there was a struggle for victory till the last over.

Rahul Dravid looks very happy with the pitch

In the Kanpur Test match played against New Zealand, even if the result did not go in favor of the Indian team. But Team India’s head coach Rahul Dravid seemed very happy with the pitch made here. When the match was drawn on the fifth day, after being happy with the pitch, Rahul Dravid helped the groundsman with Rs 35,000.

Rahul Dravid gave an amount of 35 thousand rupees to the grounds of Kanpur Stadium

According to news agency PTI, Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association has announced this. That Rahul Dravid did the groundwork at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur.
35 thousand rupees have given to him. Rahul Dravid did so for the excellent condition of the pitch.

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Let us tell you that it is rarely seen in India that a pitch can withstand a five-day Test match, something similar happened in Kanpur that the match play till the last over and the result could have gone in either side. In the end, the match ended in a draw.

In India, the pitch often starts breaking after the third day, due to which the spinners get help and it becomes difficult for the batsmen to stay on the turning pitch.

New Zealand fast bowlers bowled brilliantly

It can be gauged from how good the Kanpur pitch was. That the spinners from India spread their fire on it, while the fast bowlers bowled brilliantly from New Zealand and also took wickets. The batsmen also scored centuries, that is, there was definitely something in the pitch for the batsmen, spinners, and fast bowlers.

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