Rachel Bilson Sex Confession Will Make You Say a Big O-M-G

During a candid conversation with Whitney Cummings, Rachel Bilson admitted that until she was almost 38 Until then she had never been aroused by sex: “Isn’t she crazy?” The actress didn’t say anything about her sex life during her chat with Whitney Cummings, admitting it

In the March 13 episode, the comedian said,

The revelation came after Whitney, 40, shared how her sex drive has increased since going off birth control. “I didn’t orgasm from sex until I went off birth control,” the comedian said on the March 13 episode of Rachel’s Broad Ideas podcast.

Rachel, 41, told Whitney that she was the one.

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“It didn’t occur to me until I was about 38,” the Hart of Dixie alum admitted. “Isn’t he crazy?” Rachel⁠ also noted that she had done it on her own before, but “not with a dick inside.”

Some NSFW things about your sex life

This wasn’t the first time Rachel revealed something NSFW about her sex life. Last year, when she was asked what she missed most about her ex-boyfriend, Bill Hader, whom she dated from late 2019 to the summer of 2020, she raised an eyebrow.

“His big dick!” She quipped on the August 15 episode of her podcast, before adding to her producers, “You can keep it. Oh, it’s funny.” Why is Rachel so open about sex? She told Yahoo, “Growing up in a household that was so sex-positive and independent and outspoken.

Life’s Unwind Series July

Definitely made me more open to talking about things frankly.” Life’s Unwind series in July. “These are the things women go through. There’s nothing attached to it that feels like, Oh, I shouldn’t be talking about this.”

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