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Questions Raised About Miss Universe Harnaaz Compared Miss Universe Title To Olympics

When Harnaaz Sandhu, a resident of Punjab, won the title of Miss Universe 2021, the whole country was proud of her. People’s happiness knew no bounds. At the age of just 21, he made India feel proud once again after 21 years. After this victory, only the name of Harnaaz discussed all around. She dominated on social media. However, there are some people who trolled him a lot.

People Made Such Comments on Harnaaz

Actually, many people had said on social media that Harnaaz won only because she is very beautiful. However, Harnaaz himself is also very active on social media platforms, so it is obvious that his eyes have also fallen on such comments.
But now Harnaaz has given a befitting reply to these trollers by breaking the silence. She said that only she knows how hard she has worked for this title.

Harnaaz Replied Like This

Harnaaz recently said in one of her interviews that instead of arguing with such people, she wants to work hard in her work, so that she can explain her value to them. Harnaaz compared the Miss Universe title to the Olympics. He says that for him this title is no less than an Olympic victory. He said that if a player wins, everyone praises him, but not the beauty pageant winners.

Lara Won The Title in 2000

It is worth noting that before Harnaz, India got the crown of Miss Universe in the year 2000 because of actress Lara Dutta. Now after 21 years, Harnaaz was able to bring this crown.

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