The Solomon Islands broke ties with Taiwan in 2019. Establish formal relations with China. Since then he has been facing a lot of pressure.

Protesters set fire to parliament on the Solomon Islands

Protesters set ablaze a parliament building and a police station on the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday. These protesters were demanding the removal of the Prime Minister. In view of the heavy violence and looting, the police had to fire tear gas shells and use rubber bullets. At the same time, the capital Honiara has been locked down for 36 hours to control the situation.

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PM tried to topple the democratic government

The Solomon Islands broke ties with Taiwan in 2019 and formalized ties with China. Since then he has been facing a lot of pressure. Prime Minister Sogaware said that our country has witnessed another sad and unfortunate incident. In which an attempt has been made to topple the democratically elected government. PM Sogaware said that I thought that the worst days of history have passed. Today’s incident is a reminder of this. We still have a long way to go. He said that this lockdown will last till 7 am on Friday.

People were requested to stay at home

It has been told that during this time those who commit violence will be searched. Efforts will be made to ensure that this does not happen in the future. It is being told that the shop of a Chinese person has also been looted. The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has urged people running schools and shops around Honiara to stay home. So that we can avoid the violence happening outside. RSIPF deputy commissioner Junita Matanga said in a statement, “We want to ensure that our roads, schools and businesses reopen immediately after the lockdown.”