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Professor Arrested For Killing Wife

Delhi Police has solved the mystery of the murder of the wife of the Assistant Professor of Delhi University within 24 hours.

The accused did not survive by killing his wife

Delhi Police has arrested the assistant professor for the murder of his wife. The professor’s nephew Govind and his driver Rakesh, who was involved in the murder, have also been arrested. According to the police, this murder was carried out by the driver Rakesh alone on Tuesday evening. At the time of the murder, Professor Virendra had gone out of the house on some pretext so that he would not come under suspicion.

Assistant Professor only hatched the conspiracy to kill

According to the police, Virendra Kumar, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit in Delhi University, along with his nephew Govind and driver Rakesh hatched a conspiracy to murder. Driver Rakesh and his nephew played an important role in carrying out this murder. In the initial investigation, the accused driver told the police that he single-handedly killed the assistant professor’s wife Pinky. But when the police started investigating the matter intensively, another person appeared on the CCTV, who was the assistant professor’s nephew Govind.

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Both were married in this February

Interrogation of Govind revealed that Pinky’s husband Assistant Professor Virendra had hatched the conspiracy. Actually, Pinky and Virendra got married in the month of February this year. After marriage, domestic disputes in the house increased a lot. During this, Pinky had fired Rakesh, the most trusted driver of the house. Due to this, the driver was very upset about Pinky.

Nephew and driver also involved in conspiracy

During interrogation, Virendra’s nephew Govind told that he loves his uncle very much. One can do anything for their happiness. He told that they belong to a very poor family. After a lot of hard work, due to his uncle, the respect of his family had increased in the village. But after marriage, his aunt started troubling the uncle a lot. Even his aunt’s family members gave checks of Rs 5 lakh for the wedding, they too bounced. Auntie was also starting to worry a lot. For these reasons, he got involved in this murder. At present, all the three accused have been arrested by the police and sent to jail.

Professor, nephew and driver arrested for killing wife

Police said that the three accused involved in this murder had their own reasons. For this reason, all three together hatched a conspiracy to kill. There used to be frequent quarrels between the assistant professor’s wife and them. Both did not like each other. Two months ago, the deceased woman had also lodged a complaint against her professor husband at the Burari police station. The third accused involved in this murder is Govind, who is the nephew of Professor Virendra, he was involved in this murder because he loves his uncle very much. Was. He could not see the troubles of his uncle Virendra.

The woman was put to death in the spirit of revenge

According to the police, the accused first strangled Pinky to death. After that, he was also electrocuted. So that it can be known whether he is alive. According to the police, Rakesh did not name anyone during the initial interrogation. But the clues that the police got from the spot and after that, when the police examined the surrounding CCTV footage, Virendra and Govind were seen with Rakesh in it. After this, when the police interrogated both of them in custody, they all confessed their crime. ,

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