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Pro Kabaddi Season 8 Begins Hundreds of Stars Gather in Bengaluru

Pro Kabaddi League 2021:- The eighth season of Pro-Kabaddi is going to start today. The first game is considered to be an entertaining game. But today it has completely changed itself. The players have got the most benefit from this.

8 season of Pro Kabaddi League starts from today

The Pro Kabaddi League today announced the start of Season 8 with the All-Captain Press Conference. In the press conference, the captains of the team talked about their initial days, their respective strategies, preparations, and the young players who have shined this season. 12 captains representing each team were present on the occasion. Anupam Goswami, CEO, Mashal Sports and League Commissioner, PKL, and Yogendra Sriramula, Director (Brand Strategy), Vivo India, the central sponsor of the league, were present on the occasion.

Maninder Singh of Bengal Warriors said

Bengal Warriors captain Maninder Singh said, “Kabaddi is a very tough game that requires quick strategic thinking and presence of mind. The team is working hard to enhance its fitness and work on key techniques. Stepping into Season 8 as the defending champion is extremely motivating. The team is ready and ready for a competitive game against every opponent.”

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8th season of Pro Kabaddi starts from today in Bangalore

The 8th season of Pro-Kabaddi is starting from today in Bangalore. Since October 2019, it could not be organized due to Corona and this time also every step is being taken on a whirlwind. There will be no audience presence this time. As a precaution, all the matches are being played at the same place in Bangalore. Obviously, getting it done successfully in this difficult time is also an achievement in itself. 12 teams will play 138 matches and after that, it will be decided. Whose name is going to be the title of this time?

Pro-Kabaddi breaks geographical boundaries in terms of popularity

A lot has happened with this game since the inception of Pro-Kabaddi. This game has broken geographical boundaries in terms of popularity. Not only the indigenous but the processed form of Kabaddi is now climbing the ladder of popularity not only in India but also outside the country. When you play more with foreign players. So we also get to learn a lot from each other.

The same thing happened in Kabaddi. Players from other countries including Iran participated in Pro-Kabaddi in large numbers and Kabaddi spread especially in Asia. Although Iran has always been claiming that Kabaddi originated in its country and has inherited this sport.

With the new rules, the pace of this game was increased and every formula of success was added to it. People went on connecting with it through flashing lights, strong effects of sound, and commentary. The short time of the game also became a big reason for its popularity. This is the specialty of this season. That shakes the core of most teams.

Superstar Pradeep Narwal is no longer in Patna Pirates in two seasons

Superstar Pradeep Narwal is no longer in Patna Pirates in the last two seasons of the league. Pradeep and Patna have been complementary to each other. It was a habit to watch Patna Pirates and Pradeep together for 5 consecutive seasons. But this time he has taken over as the UP warrior. Without him, Patna Pirates looks weak, at least on paper.

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